Windsor Park Collegiate Alumni Newsletter

Issue No. 2 - by Susan Abildgaard


Issue No. 1 - Sept. 2003

OCTOBER 18TH , 2003
Mini-reunion in Calgary! This was supposed to be for Albertans but we are delighted to advise that the following out-of-provincers attended: Liz Bachmann, Marj Morissette, and Laurel Sandison! (Laurel was so cute, when she e-mailed us to ask if she could crash she entered her plea "I used to live in Edmonton")! How could we veto that?
In addition we had : Chris (Kalyniuk) Denischuk, Silvia (Rieks) Hayward, Vicki (Klos) Thornton, Willi Scott, David Frey and Randy Reichardt, (oh, and moi! that would be Susan Abildgaard) and did we make the Austrian-Canadian Culture Centre ROCK! Brenda Claggett kindly sent a message which essentially said "50 rocks and beer butt chicken rules" and I guess we proved it!
Entertainment ...
Chris dumbfounded all of us with her first game. She had stickered us (on our backs) with famous names who had a link (however remote) to Winnipeg . Randy was especially hilarious because he pleaded for a second name when he felt the first one was too way out there only to get another wacky name! The game was played throughout the evening, as we all tried to figure out who we "were"!Later we had the famous turtle races (as seen on Randy's website. as well as our photo section). I really don't know why people object to cheating, hmmm? What can I say, my turtle didn't have headsets and couldn't hear the numbers properly (that's the story and I'm sticking to it!)
Randy kindly brought out his guitar and provided us with the words to Beatles tunes. Laurel made the comment that we were privileged to hear what her grandkids never would (her singing). Maybe we were a little out of tune but we could compete very well with the Oktoberfesters next door!Willi and David had our end of the table rolling with fun and as you can see from the pix Elaine, Randy and Silvia were tuned into whatever Laurel, Vicki and Liz were chatting about. Most of us stumbled (ah, I should say left) around 1:00 o'clock. It was a great time and we only wish more of you had joined us.

So far the survey says "3 years makes it our 35th so we are back on track". The mailings were around 150, the responses back are about 25 (so far). If you want to make your opinion known could you please email me at or mail me at Box 1145, Nanton, AB T0L 1R0. (or the old-fashioned way, call me at 403-646-3151 after 6 p.m.) The options are: 2006 (35th) or 2008 (5 years from the last one).We are going to stick with the July date no matter what year choice is made. The consensus is summer is better in Winnipeg. (sorry folks).
If you are interested in helping organize (in any way) with the next reunion you may contact either Susan (403-646-3151), Lawrence (204-257-4141) or Barb (204-444-2171).Also, don't let me be the lone voice in the newsletter. If you have something you want to say please e-mail me your notes and I will be happy to insert them (without editing, I promise).

Web sites: Randy's website with reunion photos is at: Lawrence Oystryk has a website on Manitoba history at: Websites: and

Calling All Photos ! ! !
George Tanner, our website designer, has put photos on the site so if you have anything you would like posted please contact George at It can be either reunion photos or personal. As well, contact George if you wish to have a "profile" up on the site. Don't be shy, strut your stuff! For those terribly modest ones, don't forget to brag about your kids and grandkids (is it possible?)!

Some alumni are getting together for Del Hadder’s daughter’s social on Thursday, April 8 (the day before Good Friday). It’s at the St. Norbert Arena, 3450 Pembina Hwy at 8:00 pm. If interested please contact Del at: Hope you can make it!

Upcoming Art Exhibitions
George Tanner is scheduled to participate in 2 art shows this year and the first on is coming up at the end of April. He has joined forces with 4 other Winnipeg artists to produce a week long show at the Adelaide McDermot Gallery, 318 McDermot Ave. Official opening is April 26 at 6:30 pm and the official closing is Saturday. May 1 at 6:00 pm. Check his web site for a preview and more info.

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Susan Abildgaard at: with your new contact information. Please note, this newsletter is only going out by e-mail at this time as the volume of mail outs is considerable, and needless to say, expensive. If you know anyone who would like the newsletter please print off a copy and forward to them (or email them if you have their email address). As always, if they want to be on the list, please, please let us know. We are trying to be as considerate as possible with forwarding "stuff". As always, if we have stepped on any toes, forgive us, as it is truly unintentional (almost wrote intentional, was that a Freudian slip?). We are here for a good time (and hopefully a long time too!)

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