The Party's Over
Windsor Park Collegiate Alumni Newsletter

Issue No. 1 - by Susan Abildgaard

July 18th & 19th 2003
As many of you know, we had our 50th Birthday Reunion this weekend. There was a fantastic turnout of over 100 people, not to mention a large group from the Class of ’72! Liz, Barb, Adele, Brenda, Lawrence and Del did a terrific job not only in contacting a huge amount of people but also in organizing lots of fun. Saturday night Adele & Del treated us to their version of Sonny & Cher, accompanied on guitar by Randy Reichardt. Fun loving volunteers performed a skit narrated by Barb – in future, beware of volunteering!Now I was watching everyone mingle and chat with one another and it was a pleasure to see how people just lit up when someone new came over to talk to them – a far cry from our school days when we were pretty much terrified of anyone “strange” coming up to us! But I have to tell you all, no one seemed to have more fun that George Proulx, he was just taking pictures like nobody’s business and table hopping like a Hollywood pro! It was wonderful to see.

Call On Photos ! !!
George Tanner
, our website designer, is preparing to put photos on the site so if you have anything you would like posted please contact George. It can be either reunion photos or personal.

Up Close and Personal
Ranee Maharjh will be leading her band in the Caripeg on August 16th down Portage Avenue and hopes you will come and listen to her players. Ranee tells us that music, always a passion with her, has become somewhat of an obsession now and takes up a good chunk of her time!

(This is my little editorial comment. Move over Catherine Ford, I have a feeling the word that starts with b and ends in h is about to be applied here. Did I forget to tell you I have a weird sense of humour?)Okay people, you have to explain this one to me! I understand down town, vacation time, cool down time and all that sort of stuff, But hey, we only have a reunion once every 5 years or so . . . are we so boring you can’t miss a weekend at the lake? I really want to see this infamous lake but I have to tell you, I was raised on the shores of Lake Ontario, not to mention I was born practically in the Northern Sea, so this better be good! Seriously, you have no idea how many people were disappointed in not seeing classmates whose only excuse was “I have to go to the lake”!

(editor's note: This web page would have been up a lot sooner but the guy doing it was at the lake)

We are interested to know your opinion as to when you would like the next reunion. Could you please email me at or mail me at Box 1145, Nanton, AB T0L 1R0. (or the old-fashioned way, call me at 403-646-3151 after 6 p.m. The options are:2006 (35th) or2008 (5 years from the last one).As well, is September a better time than July (keeping in mind that infamous lake!)?We would like to hear from you with any exciting news you may wish to share with your classmates so please get in touch. This can include birth of children (! Yikes), grand kids (more yikes), hobbies, job changes, retirement (darn are you lucky!) and anything else your little heart desires. We aim to please and we believe in letting everyone toot their own horn (yahoo!)

Issue 2 - Oct. 2003