Vicki (Klos) Thornton works as a crisis counsellor in the Calgary area. Prior to that she worked in Canmore as a baker and enjoyed skiing in Banff. Early on Liz Bachmann joined her and cheerfully says she was a ski bum (we just can't picture it)!

Laurel (Sandison) Shubert works from home as an accountant (again, she nullifies the concept of a "dry" accountant - lots of fun in this girl). She has 3 kids and 7 grandkids (and several step-grandkids!)

Silvia (Rieks) Hayward has been a hairdresser for many moons but in her travels with her husband has experienced Tumbler Ridge (I say it again Silvia, I could never picture you in the wilderness for long, you are definitely an uptown girl)! Silvia is the mother of 2 grown daughters and still married to Chuck after 24 years!

Willi (van Oysterdyk) Scott left Windsor Park after grade 10 when her father was moved to Calgary. She told us that she was hesitant about coming to the reunion because she wasn't sure how people would react but she felt much more connected to her WPC classmates than her graduating class. We are so glad she overcame that hesitation because she was definitely a life of the party kind of girl! Willi has a son Trevor with grandson Johnny and daughter Karen has Jordan (5) and Casslyn (2) her little redhead).

Marj Morissette works for MTS in Winnipeg. She was born in Canada but she lived in the States for 16 years before starting grade 11 at WPC. Marj was of great assistance with the 1996 reunion and helped out at the 2003 reunion. Great organizer.

Chris (Kalyniuk) Denischuk is another great organizer and she did a lot of work to put together the mini-reunion. Chris has 2 boys and last year she went to Japan with one of her boys and his band. Chris has been a legal assistant for many years with a large law firm in Calgary. She is still filled with WPC spirit and you can see why she was a cheerleader. Loves sports!

Randy Reichardt --not sure I believe he was an altar boy but apparently there are witnesses. Talented guitarist and also a great photographer (though we wonder if he knows how his fancy-dancy camera works since lots of flashes were happening . . . umm, I won't say anymore, but those who were there will know what I'm referring to! Randy works at U of A Library and travels a lot. Movie buff.

David Frey tells us that he was shy in school but I don’t believe it and Willi declares that he was very brash in Grade 10! David works for Telus and does all sorts of magic with computers. He travelled Europe after Grad (ditto Liz for one) and then took his education in England! David has one son.

Elaine (McFadden) Anderson lives in Calgary and looks just great. She's married with two kids aged 11 and 15. She's still quiet but has a great sense of humour.

Liz Bachmann works at the U of M but flew out to be with us you'd think she would be sick of us after all the organizing she had to do for this summer's reunion. Another person with tons of good cheer and great sense of humour. Terrific, fun person. Liz has one teenage son.

Susan Abildgaard (I was hoping to avoid this but Chris caught me in her review and is forcing this on you guys, so here goes). I'm currently working as a legal assistant for tax (yeah, I can hear the sympathy) lawyers! Great pet-lover and past keeper of hens (one day you will hear all about my chickens, I wanted to call my memoirs "The Egg and I" until I discovered someone else already had the title - the nerve!). I commute from Nanton to Calgary every day and consequently feel like a heroine. So does it surprise anyone that my new favourite t.v. show is "Joan of Arcadia"? Enough said.

Mike Spence - I began right after school as a plumber for a local firm. While doing plumbing, I took my sprinklerfitters journemans papers and was installing sprinkler systems for about 10 years. In 1972 I married and have three children, Geoff 27, Rachael 24, and Jonathan 21. All three are living in Edmonton since my divorce in 1982. Geoff is married and has a boy and two girls, Rachael is single, and Jonathan is expecting his first with his girlfriend Emily. I have also been a Paramedic in Ste. Anne MB. for the past twenty one years and am a Paramedic level two with a 0.7 position with SouthEastman Health. I am also a Crisis Worker 1.0 position with the Main Street Project in Winnipeg giving assistance and counceling to homeless people and substance abusers. Yes I have been busy since school graduation but I feel that I am right where I am most comfortable for my time in life. Things couldn't be much better.

Wendy Andrews

I thought that it was my turn to do some bragging about my Kids and Grandkids. I have 3 children and my oldest daughter has 2 kids. Their names are Jalen (9) and Mia (7). The attached pic was taken when I was up in Wpg. for the Reunion in July........

I moved from Wpg. to Texas about 5 yrs ago. I was an office manager for a company based in Austin, Tx and after getting laid off I moved to South Carolina (where I am now) to find work there. I have 3 kids and 2 grandkids. I'm single again and loving it!!! I do try to make it back to Wpg. at least once a year. It would be nice to stay in touch with old friends there....